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Function yew::functional::use_reducer

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pub fn use_reducer<'hook, T, F>(
    init_fn: F
) -> impl 'hook + Hook<Output = UseReducerHandle<T>>
where T: Reducible + 'static + 'hook, F: FnOnce() -> T + 'hook,
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This hook is an alternative to use_state. It is used to handle component’s state and is used when complex actions needs to be performed on said state.

The state is expected to implement the Reducible trait which provides an Action type and a reducer function.

The state object returned by the initial state function is required to implement a Reducible trait which defines the associated Action type and a reducer function.

This hook will always trigger a re-render upon receiving an action. See use_reducer_eq if you want the component to only re-render when the state changes.


/// reducer's Action
enum CounterAction {

/// reducer's State
struct CounterState {
    counter: i32,

impl Default for CounterState {
    fn default() -> Self {
        Self { counter: 1 }

impl Reducible for CounterState {
    /// Reducer Action Type
    type Action = CounterAction;

    /// Reducer Function
    fn reduce(self: Rc<Self>, action: Self::Action) -> Rc<Self> {
        let next_ctr = match action {
            CounterAction::Double => self.counter * 2,
            CounterAction::Square => self.counter.pow(2),

        Self { counter: next_ctr }.into()

fn reducer() -> Html {
    // The use_reducer hook takes an initialization function which will be called only once.
    let counter = use_reducer(CounterState::default);

    let double_onclick = {
        let counter = counter.clone();
        Callback::from(move |_| counter.dispatch(CounterAction::Double))
    let square_onclick = {
        let counter = counter.clone();
        Callback::from(move |_| counter.dispatch(CounterAction::Square))

    html! {
            <div id="result">{ counter.counter }</div>

            <button onclick={double_onclick}>{ "Double" }</button>
            <button onclick={square_onclick}>{ "Square" }</button>


The dispatch function is guaranteed to be the same across the entire component lifecycle. You can safely omit the UseReducerHandle from the dependents of use_effect_with if you only intend to dispatch values from within the hooks.


The value held in the handle will reflect the value of at the time the handle is returned by the use_reducer. It is possible that the handle does not dereference to an up to date value if you are moving it into a use_effect_with hook. You can register the state to the dependents so the hook can be updated when the value changes.


When used in function components and hooks, this hook is equivalent to:

pub fn use_reducer<T, F>(init_fn: F) -> UseReducerHandle<T>
    T: Reducible + 'static,
    F: FnOnce() -> T,
    /* implementation omitted */