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Function yew::functional::use_reducer_eq

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pub fn use_reducer_eq<'hook, T, F>(
    init_fn: F
) -> impl 'hook + Hook<Output = UseReducerHandle<T>>
where T: Reducible + PartialEq + 'static + 'hook, F: FnOnce() -> T + 'hook,
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use_reducer but only re-renders when prev_state != next_state.

This requires the state to implement PartialEq in addition to the Reducible trait required by use_reducer.


When used in function components and hooks, this hook is equivalent to:

pub fn use_reducer_eq<T, F>(init_fn: F) -> UseReducerHandle<T>
    T: Reducible + PartialEq + 'static,
    F: FnOnce() -> T,
    /* implementation omitted */